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Love Heart 1.2

Love Heart is a 3d screensaver for your computer
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Screensavers are programs that will run automatically if you leave the computer switched on and idle, that is without any keyboard strikes or mouse clicks, for a certain number of minutes (this number of minutes can be anything from one to 9999). Love Heart is a beautiful 3D animated screensaver developed by 3DSignal. This screensaver will show you a big red heart that will rotate in one direction. This big heart will radiate small beautiful red hearts while it's rotating.

It's actually a wonderful screensaver, wherein many options are found - so that you can customize the screensaver according to your preferences. One of the main options is that you will be able to add either digital or analog clock to this screensaver, and both the time format and the clock size can be adjusted. Another valuable option is that the screensaver can show a wonderful calendar, wherein you will be able to adjust the start day in the calendar to be Monday instead of Sunday (or vice versa). One of the notable disadvantages of this screensaver is that it doesn't provide any sound options, staying completely silent all the time or running your background music over and over.

Marian Zaky
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  • Includes a calendar and a clock
  • 3D animated screeensaver


  • Doesn't provide any sound option
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